John Moores Painting Prize

Stochastic 14, by Emily Kraus, is shortlisted for the John Moores Painting Prize. 

John Moores Painting Prize, 2023

Bloomberg New Contemporaries

Emily Kraus Profile, 2023

Emily Kraus: Nest Time

This young painter, fresh out of the Royal College of Art, has already developed her own, very distinctive method of painting, producing vivid and dramatic textured works.

Review by Sam Cornish for Studio International, 18 May, 20231

Emily Kraus: Nest Time @ The Sunday Painter

Nest Time is Emily Kraus’ first solo show at The Sunday Painter. The exhibition features the new body of work of the artist, who, after showcasing her first collection of stochastic paintings, has clearly evolved her creative practice into something wholly unique and authentic to her artistic identity.

Review by Carolina Lorenzini for Made in Bed, 17 May, 2023

Hopper Prize Winner 2023

Hopper Prize Interview, April, 2023

Feature: Emily Kraus

American-born, London-based artist Emily Kraus creates works that can be read as abstract digital scriptures. Her work triggers questions about the vanishing division between the digital and real worlds, rewriting the definition of what it means to be connected and the ensuing implications on identity politics, faith, and the restrictions inherent to reformation. 

Feature by Camille Moreno for Made in Bed, 22 August, 2022

The Stochasticism of Emily Kraus

Feature by Emily Blundell Owers for Curatorial Affairs, July 2022