Eighteen Minutes and Nine Seconds

Working on “Eighteen Minutes and Nine Seconds”. A piece I made in reaction to the sound of the breath. The title is the length of time that i touched the piece- measured by the sound recording of six minutes and three seconds playing three times. Ideas of translation between senses in mind

Feast: Holiday Now

December 18, 2020:

What a whirlwind first term at the Royal College of Art, MA Painting! I arrived in London at the beginning of October and have been running ever since. I have been so fortunate to be part of an incredible cohort of painters and artists all supporting each other throughout this challenging and virtual time. Together we have created an amazing magazine to reflect the holiday mood this year. 

FEAST is a zine made by the first year Painting students at the Royal College of Art, and aims to offer a broader consideration of what the holidays can symbolize for every different individual: perhaps including loneliness, reunion, darkness, warmth, mourning, love, introspection or reflections on the crazy year that we all had.”

Although the magazine is no longer available to view in its entirety, I have attached screenshots of my pages here to view.